When I had to interrupt my internship in the agency of my professor Lars Harmsen in Munich (Melville Brand Design) because of Covid-19 and return to the home office in Bochum, I felt the urge to start a free project. Many young creative people have lost their jobs and commissions and an open collaboration seemed a good idea to me.
I used an Instagram story to encourage people to join in and received 50 registrations in a very short time: Since it was my first creative direction as a student, it would have been difficult to manage other people, and I stop the call there.

Some of the interested parties jumped out, but in the end 35 creative people from 14 different countries came together, who I divided into the groups poster design, type design, editorial and illustration according to their different skills. Each group could then choose its topic in consultation and consultation with me.

For example, it was »Quarantine Effect« for poster design and »Unlocked« for illustration. So pretty open, but emotionally conceived «. I sorted all submissions by date and laid out them in sequence. A change of mood was clearly reflected here, especially by the coloring of the posters, especially when the number of deaths rose.

The content also includes a story about the underground fashion brand »Soin« from Luxembourg, whose business only got off to a really good start after Corona, and a sophisticated workshop by Rafael Bernado on the subject of time management during a pandemic. In addition, artworks by and interviews with Eike König (Hort, Berlin), Lars Harmsen (slanted publishers), Gregory Page (Pigment) and Tim Rodenbröker (TRCC) enrich the publication.

I finally printed my first work at the Newspaper Club from Glasgow, which gave a 25 percent discount for the campaign. The fonts were donated by Gradient Type from Bergen.

I'm very proud of the result and think it's a bit of a shame that we weren't able to print more copies. Demand is still very high, but we've been out of stock for a long time. We urgently hope for a second edition and further episodes of the documentation!

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