I am a Graphic Designer based in Bochum, Germany.

I am specialized in visual identities, typography and printed matter.

I am always active and work on a lot of self initial work next to university and freelancing jobs. I love to experiment with letters and customizing fonts. It feels always more personal and human. With instagram, which is my personal gym for graphic design, I have a little following and a great network of designers in different fields to work with as well.

After being name-checked  as one of Stefan Sagmeister’s top four young designers on curatedbyfb and having an article on AIGA Eye on Design „Type Tuesday“, I want to work and collaborate with Brands and Agencies/Studios, where I can create unique Designs on my way. I want to work international and remote. I am looking for projects I can learn from and grow. My dream is to teach one day and having my own studio running.

I’d love to hear about your project —  say hi!

Cihan Tamti
+49 157 546 509 85

Heckertstraße 78
44807 Bochum
  1. 1
    C-IDEA Award
  2. 1
    HGDF 2020 Exhibition
  3. 2
    AIGA Eye on Design
  4. 1
    Slanted Publishers
  5. 1
    curated by Facebook Stefan Sagmeisters top 4 instagram Designers
  6. 1
    Type-01 Top 20 indipendent Type Designers