I am a Graphic Designer based in Bochum, Germany.

Focused on customized and personal graphic design.

After training as a design technical assistant, I studied at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences. During my time as a student, I set up my own business as a designer in Bochum in 2020. I designed custom typography for Adobe and graphic concepts for Calvin Klein.

I also published the first issue of my Homebound magazine. In 2019 - 2020 I drew attention to myself, through posters, and Stefan Sagmeister appointed me to his top 4 Instagram designers. 100 posters from the two Years were summarized in my book "BREAKOUT" and published in 2021 by Slanted Publishers. In 2022 Homebound – NEW WAVE was published from Slanted Publishers, too. In Addition I've started to giving talks and workshops on Design Festival and Universities.

I’d love to hear about your project —  say hi!

Cihan Tamti
+49 157 546 509 85

Heckertstraße 78
44807 Bochum
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    C-IDEA Award
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    HGDF 2020 Exhibition
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    AIGA Eye on Design
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    Slanted Publishers
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    curated by Facebook Stefan Sagmeisters top 4 instagram Designers
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    Type-01 Top 20 indipendent Type Designers
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